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Buffalo Hen Salad 3& methods! 1& a GF bun with pepper jack cheese and greens …

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Buffalo Hen Salad 3️⃣ methods!

1️⃣On a GF bun with pepper jack cheese and greens 🥬

2️⃣Stuffed in an avocado 🥑

3️⃣On a mattress of greens salad 🥗 type

🔸2 tbsp Buffalo sauce from thenewprimal
🔸2 tbsp avocado mayo
🔸 1 tsp lemon juice
🔸1/2 stalk celery and three child carrots chopped
🔸 1 stalk inexperienced onion
🔸 salt 🧂 and pepper

This rooster salad combine is superb and so versatile. The sauce I used from thenewprimal is my favourite Buffalo sauce!!

What’s your favourite type of rooster salad? LMK⤵️

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